Each t-shirt quilt is as unique as its owner.  See the gallery below.

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32 years and counting!

A tshirt quilt is the perfect gift for any occasion. Your tshirts, jerseys and other garments will be made into a beautiful quilt in about two months.  Wild Zipper tshirt quilts are washable and durable, and your memories are beautifully preserved. Despite rising prices of shipping and supplies (especially high-quality fabric!) my prices have not risen since 2008. My profits have declined, but my customer satisfication has not! 

I started creating t-shirt quilts in 1992 and am now into my 32nd year of business with more than 2500 satisfied customers worldwide. Each of those quilts was handmade by me with direct input from my customers -- not factory produced -- not produced by a franchise. My number one concern has always been, and will always be, creating a quilt that will preserve your memories.  I will personally work with you to create the quilt you envision. There are many new t-shirt quilt companies on the web. Trust your memories to the experience and expertise of Wild Zipper.

My life beyond t-shirt quilts....I've been doing so much more and want to share it all with you. Each quilt is truly unique, and I'm dedicating my blog to those quilts which are a little out of the ordinary. Join me! wildzipper.blogspot.com


Your shirts from high school, college, sports, concerts, or whatever is special from your life are expertly crafted into a durable, comfortable quilt.  Each t-shirt square is fused to a soft, light-weight reinforcement backing and the quilt is then assembled using high quality batting.  The sashing (fabric between the t-shirt squares) is chosen to complement your t-shirts and is included with the price. You may choose the color or leave it up to me. You also have the option of no sashing between the t-shirts. 

I have a beautiful APQS Millennium longarm quilting machine with QUILT PATH (computerized design). Your quilt is special, and I will work with you to make sure it is made just right. You can follow along on the quilts in progress page so you can see pictures of your quilt during the process.

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